I Am Small: being small can be hard work

A person’s a person, no matter how small.
— Dr. Seuss

When I saw I Am Small on the shelf at the library I knew we needed this book for Angus. He too is small. Most of the time it doesn’t bother him, but every now and then someone has the audacity to suggest his size might limit his ability and he gets upset, angry, or both. It must be tough.

Mimi, the protagonist of I Am Small certainly thinks so. She is the smallest in her family, her class, even their pet dog is bigger than her! It makes life hard.

'I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody noticed me.

Being small really bugs me.

When will I grow big enough to take up as much space in the world as everyone else?’

She points out things that taller people, especially adults, take for granted that make life difficult for a small person.


‘My feet barley reach the edge of the seat on the bus. I bounce all over the place on the way to school.’


‘At Olivia’s bakery, I can’t even see all the pretty desserts in the display case. Just imagine the trouble I have picking the nicest cake!’


‘And in class, I can only reach the bottom of the blackboard. It’s annoying, especially when I have a lot I want to write.’

No one quite understands; everyone else thinks being small is great. She always gets to be in the front row for school photos, has lot’s of small secret places to hide in and always wins at hide-and-seek.

Mimi eventually comes to see the benefits of her current size and learns to be patient and find joy in growing up (the birth of a baby brother lets her see how much she has grown).

It’s a sweet story that has some really wonderful messages. I Am Small is a great book for

- A small child who is struggling with being understood

- Discussing perspective - something that we see as a benefit might be a challenge for someone else

- Recognising and understanding restrictions that might limit others

- Being patient, sometimes growth comes slowly

The water colour illustrations are endearing and expressive, providing a wonderful visual tale. I Am Small is a beautiful tale of growth, understanding and acceptance and would make a wonderful gift.

I Am Small By Qin Leng – Kids Can Press, 2018
ages 2 to 8 years / heartwarmers + emotional resilience

Names in this book – Mimi, Nicholas, Marie, Gus

Petra: an endearing tale of optimism

Petra: an endearing tale of optimism

ages 2 to 8 My kids have a thing for rocks. Our house is full of ‘cool rocks’ that have been picked up nearly every time we go outside. They use them as a phone, a pet, a magic crystal and everything in between. I’m still trying to work out what exactly it is that makes some rocks ‘cool’ and others just a rock. I think in the end it comes down to perception – the potential the kids see in each rock, and there’s an important life lesson in that.

It’s a lesson that is taught in a gentle way in Petra by Marianna Coppo.

Petra may be a rock, but she’s not ‘just’ a rock.

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love dinosaurs? love books? love cuddly blankets? here you go ...


I’m so in love with this adorable Book Dinosaurs throw blanket from Society 6. It’s absolutely adorable and I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but it was a bit hard to justify.

Thankfully ‘little baby boots’ (the kids’ current nickname for our baby boy due in Feb ’19) is the perfect excuse. Every baby needs a new blanket, right?

If there’s a new baby on your horizon or a current babe, toddler or child who loves dinosaurs, books and cuddles, you might like to check it out.

P.S. At the time of writing, it’s on sale.

it's springtime in Tasmania: we're exploring and loving our colourful world

it's springtime in Tasmania: we're exploring and loving our colourful world

ages 1 to 8 years
Spring is in full bloom in Tasmania, it’s the most divine season. Lush green from all the rain, vibrant splashes of colour from the blossoms and spring blooms (daffodils everywhere!) and all that bright sunshine! There’s a whole mass of colours you forget exist in the long cold winter.  

All the Colours I See is the perfect book to compliment our spring colour fever. It’s a beautiful die-cut colours primer that explores the different hues in the world around us.

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'cause Christmas is different (and the same) everywhere

'cause Christmas is different (and the same) everywhere

ages 3 to grownup
I’ve been a John Williamson fan since childhood and a few months ago we were lucky enough to go to one of his concerts as a family. Amazing. There's really nothing quite like a live performance.

During intermission, I came across Christmas in Australia. I had no idea John Williamson had written a children’s book and just had to buy it—my only regret was that the kids were so exhausted by the end of the show we couldn't wait in the line to get it

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celebrating the wonders of being a year older!

celebrating the wonders of being a year older!

a series for 1- to 5-years-old
Finding the 'just right' birthday book can be tricky, but it's worth the hunt—there's something wonderful about getting a special book for a special occasion.

This year, one of those 'just right' books turned up for Angus—he was given You’re One!. It was perfect—a sweet relatable story that celebrated the magic of being a whole year older.

'Look at You! You’re one already!
It’s not long since you were as small as Teddy.'

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gentle creatures carry children to sweet slumber and peaceful dreams

gentle creatures carry children to sweet slumber and peaceful dreams

ages newborn to 8 years
It’s nice, especially on cool, dark nights, to think about how wonderful it is to dream. To dream about our friends and fun, or dream about places we have never been, or about our hopes and dreams. Dreams that beckon and entice us to a deep and peaceful sleep.

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey is just the book for that kind of night.  Arrays of ‘animals from long ago’ come to help children on the way to their dreams.

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